The 357 Battery

The 357 battery is a 1.55V button cell battery made by Energizer.   These batteries are commonly used in small electronics, watches, gadgets, and toys. 

Compatible 357 Batteries

The 357 battery is compatible with the following batteries:
303, A76, AG13, EPX76, LR1154, L1154, LR44, SR44SW/W

Where to Buy 357 Batteries

Best Deal – AG13 $1.99 and Free Shipping

Or find 357 Batteries on Amazon

You can find the 357 at many places where Energizer batteries are sold.  The prices range from $1.80 per battery to $4.99 per battery. 

Amazon $1.80 per battery (3 pack)
Best Buy $2.33 per battery (3 pack)
Radio Shack $4.99 per battery (single)

How to Save Money on 357 Batteries

As you can see, if you use a lot of button batteries, it can cost quite a bit of money to keep your electronics running.  From the compatibility list, we know the generic AG13 battery is an equivalent battery to the 357 battery.  The AG13 batteries will work just as good and are available for as low as 30 cents per battery!